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Webstore Customer Comments  
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
That was the correct download site.
I have installed the software, authorized and tested it. It works just as I had hoped!
Thank you so much for your quick response and help.
That is what customer service is all about.
I will absolutely be back to order from you again!

Hi there,
I just wanted to say that everything seems to work fine so far on my new
"Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack" (Install, authorization, etc...) Thank
you for your quick answers and process!
Best regards,
Just wanted to let you know the Hercules Console Steel came in today.
It looks great. Have not hooked it up yet. Probably will do that tomorrow.
Thank you again for your wonderful business and getting the item shipped to me in a timely manner.
Scott Gilleo
Dear Florida Music
Thank you for the speedy order process and extra help with my order of Samplitude 11 Pro upgrade. The software is proving so far to be quite a trip!
Michael Salamone
I would like to personally commend your staff member Chris [the English gentleman] for his all-around customer support skills. I will use Florida Music over all other on-line retailers from now on because of him- I will also recommend you to all my friends.
John Farmer Raleigh, NC

Thank you for the phone call and prompt efficient action to resolve this matter.
THIS is what customer service is all about. I have and will continue to recommend Floridamusicco.com as THE place for music software.
This is a perfect example of why that is true.
Please extend my greetings to Chris, who has been of cheerful assistance in the past and encourage him to post more product reviews on YouTube. They are most helpful in product selection.
Thanks again for the kind assistance,
Dale Skiba

Thank you for a very prompt, professional transaction - the product arrived on time and in perfect condition - thank you for treating musicians as professionals - had bad experience with Music ### and so will transfer my business to you.

You guys are the best, period. Fast and furious! I will ALWAYS now shop with you.
Chris and company,
Thank you for the enjoyable and informative Steinberg seminar with Greg Ondo. I haven't seem Greg since 2005 and I first met you at the Steinberg event (again featuring Greg) at John Seda's Rising Sun Studio in Tampa 2004. I was the Florida Steinberg rep at that time.
I still shop at Florida Music for my audio needs and find the web site very helpful. You carry excellent gear at great prices and I don't mind the drive from St. Pete. I recommend you to all. Your staff also is knowledgeable about the products you sell and have been very helpful.
Thanks again for a great event.
Jim Buxton

My wife and I were at your store a few days ago to purchase Omnishpere. We met this guy with an Australian accent and started talking. Both my wife and I were so impressed with Chris and his knowledge and musical talent. I have never met someone as nice and informative as Chris. He gave us a personal tour of his studio and I was extremely impressed with the software he uses and his talent.
I look forward for purchasing all my software needs at Floridamusicco from now on. And thank you Chris for the great chat we had. You are an amazing person.
Kirk Bauer

To Whom it May Concern,
I wanted to thank you for your support recently purchasing the Maya 44 USB. The entire experience working with your company from start to finish was a great experience. I was able to use the device in my DJ show last night and it went very well, in part because of the swift order process and quick shipping. Thank you and your staff on behalf of me and my DJ staff. I appreciate this sort of customer service and will surely return!

Ryan Hitchings | Owner
Coach Entertainment
Hi all,
Your company provided me with the fastest, most efficient internet order I have ever placed, music-oriented or otherwise, and it is very much appreciated. I am now a customer of yours for good.
Jon White
Hilliard, Ohi
greetings from New York City -
I am just getting up and running with Cubase 4 - really like it - and your videos on the plugins are GREAT - I really appreciate the time you take in making them - they are amazingly helpful.
You-Tube channel General Messages
H hello,
I'm new to the Central Florida area ,& been looking
for new & improved products & demonstration ,i commend you all for what you do
Please keep me posted on everything. look forward to hearing from you soon.
Be blessed
You-Tube channel General Messages

I feel honored and flattered by the nice GA3 review I saw at You-Tube. So if you have time to put a hi-res version on a DVD and send it to me, I'll be forever grateful.
Sven Bornemark
*its away's nice to get feedback from software developers ,this was for chris's review of stienberg/bornemarks groove agent 3 on our You-Tube channel.*
Thanks Sven .
fmc team
I identified a need - a true stereo PC audio card, researched to find the one I wanted (Audiophile 2496), then Froogled it up. You folks offered a nice price on this, so I ordered it from you online.
The order arrived timely, and my problem is solved. Excellent service on your part.
We all complain when things don't go right, and don't compliment often enough when things do. Just thought I'd say, "Well done."
dwight munroe

Thanks for support on my last order
Happy to order with you again
We really love your reviews on EWQL products and it was our main reason ordering with you.
Please can you kindly if not too much trouble make your reviews a bit longer and a bit more in depth?
We are really looking forward to the reviews for Voices Of Passion and Fab Four
Please can you let us know when these will be made?
Thanks and kind regards
E Raymond

Thanks I was looking to buy it. Hey does it count on weekends (48 hours) because you can't ship on weekends right? Hey and tell I think his name was Chris, Tell him that he helped me a lot with the you tube video because i was wondering about something and he answered It. THANX CHRIS.

I spoke with Chris on the phone in ref. to a PCDJ FX software and sound card problem with Windows Vista. He was very helpful and curteous and answered all of my questions. I ended up purchasing a Maya 44 sound card in hopes that it would solve my problem.
Thanks again Chris....you da man!!!

Just a note to say THANK YOU for all your help. I got my M-Audio Fast Track Pro back from you today. I hooked it up immediately and left the Mix and Output knobs cranked fully clockwise the way you had left them. As you knew it would – it worked perfectly!!!
You went way above and beyond any customer service rep I have EVER dealt with to ensure I was a satisfied customer. I surely am.
I sure enjoyed talking with you.
Again, thank you VERY much,

P.S. I posted on the PCDJ bulletin boards about your help (I post under the name Maxj). I also told them what the fix was.

Hi folks

Thank you very much for processing my order so quickly. I had to provide a document to confirm my address and I did that late last night as an email attachment. I was impressed how quickly (8:42am my time) you processed my order. Lots of companies have a problem with the "exceptions" but you just sailed through it. I appreciate this efficient processing of my order because, probably like lots of people, I am extremely anxious to receive this tutorial on GigaStudio and your attention to my purchase makes me feel really good.
Besides having the best price on the internet for this product, your performance makes me very happy to recommend you to my friends and to shop with you again anytime.

Best regards
Brian Davis
I received my Spectrasonics Atmosphere library today via UPS.
I am so thrilled with the service and your price!
Thank you very much!
Dan Kury

Dear Sales,
Thank you very much for your prompt processing and dispatch of SoundSoap 2. It was delivered yesterday (March 8th) by Australia Post at 10am Australian time.
You provided a most efficient global delivery service which is a credit to your organization and which only encourages me to order again in the future. I will have no hesitation in dealing with you again, and will do so, as I soon need to order Cakewalk Sonar 5. Your emails flagging the status of my order were particularly appreciated.
By comparison, I ordered some recording equipment from an Australian national distributor a week before I ordered from you. I have received no emails from them. A week ago today, I rang them to enquire about the status of my order and was told that it was being dispatched by courier that same day. I am still awaiting delivery of the goods! Very poor service from them. L
So once again, thank you once again for a great global service! I hope your business continues to grow.
Paul Valery
I just received the package containing my M-Audio Black box. It's an amazing piece of equipment; thank you for providing it to me. Your service is bar-none the best I have recieved from an online merchant, especially a music shop. Excellent work!
thank you for providing such excellent service. I'm going to tell my friend Derk to buy his black box from you guys. He's a professor up in Gainesville, the land of s****y customer service. He will be surprised to hear that a music store still exists that treats paying customers right, and not like nuisances.
Sabino Marqu
Thank you very very much. I have to say that I've never had this kind of pre sales support, you do your job in the best it can be. If all the stores could have employes like you this will be a different world, you make a difference. I wish I could tell this to your boss. Thank you again.
Best regards, Pablo Granados.
Hi Chris:
You don't have the best price on that item, but I'll buy from you anyway since you had the courtesy to answer me and the honesty to give me a truthful answer. I appreciate that.
Regards, Joe Fisher

Thank you for your prompt and excellent customer service. I appreciate that you have addressed the problem of the current situation, because I was also confused myself. I knew that my PayPal account address was confirmed, but I could not understand why it showed up as unconfirmed on my payment to you.
Thank you for shipping out my item.
Ryan Acai
I was in yesterday and purchased Ozone 3. I just wanted to say you have a great store, and are very personable with people that come in. I am a customer service supervisor, and you had some great customer service. To many companies do the sale, and that is it, so when I find one that goes beyond that I like to let them know to keep up the good work.

Alan Stewart

I recently purchased GPO from your store, and I want to congratulate you on the great service. It was the first time I ordered from your company, but hopefully not the last; I really liked the way you kept me informed of every step that my order went through and the fast service. Good job.
Thank you,
Been in contact with a man named Gregg at Florida Music
I LOVE YOU, lol thanks so much
hey guys just wanted to say your site is great real easy to get around and the information that goes with the product helps me choose what i need.
keep up the great work i am really glad i stumbled across your site... a producer with a home studio using cubase sx
Thank you so much for the fast response, Julie--I appreciate it more than you know. I think that many merchants out there would be in no big hurry to let a customer know about such a situation. Your "customers first" approach really sets you apart. I'll definitely consider you for future purchases! I have enjoyed buying from you. Thanks again for your helpfulness,
I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness, and your admirable integrity in your business practices. All the best,
Hal McGee
Hi Chris,
Wanted to thank you once again for taking the time to talk hardware
configuration with me. Please convey my apologies to the person manning the
phones while you were at lunch. I was a bit terse with him as the process
of attempting to get the Echo card to work had been a long and trying one.
Next time, I'll call you folks FIRST!
Thanks again, Steve
Thanks so much for your great help on the TMK 88 keyboard I purchased. Chris, who was the sales rep (perhaps you wish to forward this on since I don't have his email) was a fantastic help!!!!
I was clueless about what I needed and he was great!

Hello to all at tech support, especially Chris in the Computer department.

I am very pleased with my EZ-BUDDIE , and wish to thank Chris for setting it up with Cubase. I've already done three tracks on my first full evening with it, and I also enjoy the cinema features. You sure went the extra mile to make my recording experience (after a four month lay off) a pleasant one.


Mark Smith

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with your company. When ever I buy a product from you guys I always ask for Chris (the British guy) he is always helpful and full of information.
I called him up the other day and told him I needed a realistic sounding quartet and he sat on the phone and played me samples, told me how to make it sound more realistic etc. I have bought four products from your company and each time chris has made it an enjoyable experience Thank you!
Jimm Mosher
Hit Music Inc

Australians: Order with confidence

On Friday night I used Froogle to find a supplier of Echo Indigo DJ cards. I selected Florida Music because I remembered seeing them favourably mentioned on the Native Instruments Traktor forum, and because they were very competitive with the combined purchase price and freight charge.

I placed my order at around 8pm Melbourne (AU) time. By midnight I was getting tracking information from UPS. Throughout the week-end I entertained myself by watching the progress of the shipment through the UPS system.

To my amazement, my package was delivered on Monday afternoon, less than 72 hours after the order was placed. It was well packed, in excellent condition, and exactly what I had ordered.

Based on this perfect first experience, I will have no hesitation in making future purchases from Florida Music, and recommend the company to potential Australian customers worried about selecting an e-Commerce supplier from another country.

Ron Dunn (dj-HSL)
........ My Indigo card is working now, thanks to Chris and his help and knowledge.Thank you, its a pleasure dealing with your company.
Gene Yeager
As a customer who has used you recently I have been very impressed with the level of quality in all products and service. Your customer relations excel even the biggest of companies here in England.

Aaron Denton
You are the very best customer service rep I have dealt with in a long time. I talk to service rep's at work every day, and you are one of the most qualified that I have had the pleasure to correspond with . Please give your supervisor this email. Thank you so much for all you have done.
Best Regards,
Dear Florida Music Company,

My name is Ryan Phipps. I am the Minister of Music at a church in Suburban Pittsburgh.

I recently made a purchase from your website. After receiving the product, I found that once again I had made a purchase beyond the level of my technical abilities. In the past after having done so with other companies, I have called into their tech support centers and have been condescended to, and treated as if all they wanted to do was hurry up
and give me an answer (even if it was the wrong one) to the product that I purchased so that I would get off the phone. And these companies... all of them "major" companies.

I called into you guys once before purchase, and once after purchase with some questions about my product. I was answered by fellow with a British accent by the name of Chris. I have never been treated so well for tech support on the phone before in my life (w/ the exception of one time, by a company named Comcast). My customer care experience with
Chris was unbelievable. I was treated politely and my question was answered thoroughly and completely. Not only that, but I didn't get the sense for one minute that the guy on the other end of the phone was there for any other reason than to help out with my problem. I didn't feel at all as if I was "bothering" him. I could understand his politeness "pre-sale" because every company needs to sell right? But I was treated with the same respect and detail after purchase, as I was before purchase.

Whatever you all are doing by way of training is beyond me. But you definitely have a player on your team that is modeling the right thing.
I oversee 2 Departments in a church of 1200 people, and have 30 plus staff under me. I would pick this guy to be on my team any day.

So if it sounds as if I'm trying to bring your attention to Chris, then yes, I am. I'll just go out on a limb and say, promote him and give him a big raise. Forward this mail to your CEO and all of your superiors. Chris is a quality member of your team. And he is most definitely the kind of guy you want to see other people in your tech support department imitating.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate your excellence in business and customer care. I will be a repeating my business here. I will also be telling some friends about you guys.

Thanks Again!

Ryan Phipps
....Jason with technical help in PRE-sales is a WONDERFUL customer representive over the telephone. He is always so sincere in helping me with my needs and finding what I need in musical software.
Thanks Jason !!! God Bless
Dear Jason, I just wanted you to know that I got the Indigo DJ this past Wednesday. That sure was fast, you may remember you called me at work on Monday, recommended it again, and I ordered it then with you over the phone. Anyway, it is wonderful!!! I am so excited about the sound quality that I have again! You would never know that the tunes are being pumped out of a computer, it is just great. I was able to fill the room with the volume level set only on 5! That is so cool, and I just wanted to thank you for your help, promptness, and recommendation. I couldn't be more pleased. You guys are the greatest!


I just wanted to thank for your excellent service on my recent order, it arrived by fedex yesterday morning...my emails were answered promptly...and everything worked out great...with so many online reatailers offering the same products at competitive prices...it really boils down to customer service...
When I enquired about Vapor and Percussive Adventures LE...at the same time I sent a request to *********.com...you guys responded withing the hour saying they were in stock...I just got ********.com's response in this morning's email...with the product purchased from you already installed on my puter!
I've never used your company before, so I thought I'd give it a try...and consquently ...I'll be back...
Also, these romplers are AMAZING! The box for Percussive Adventures LE says one can upgrade to the full version...when will that be available...and what will be the proceedure?
What you get for 99 bucks...is incredible...but I gotta have more of these wonder percussion atmospheres...
And Vapor is unique in the world of soundscapes...

Please let me know about the upgrade proceedure...

Again, thank you...
Kind Regards:
******* Company's .com edited by floridamusicco.com
Please pass on my thanks to all concerned for the excellent service I
received when ordering the Bosendorfer 290 plug-in.
*Prompt* shipping. Low price.
To quote the Governor of California: "I'll be back!"
Thanks and regards,
Bill O'Conne
just wanted to say how awesome Chris has been taking the time to answer all my questions very thoroughly and get me the product I needed without trying to sell me a bunch of extra stuff I don't need. This is how you get customers for life. The fact that my order was sent within a few hours kicked it up a notch as well. I'll always look to you guys first for my electronic studio needs.
Thanks again!
Cheers, Daniel
Hi Julie
Thank you for the great service with the above order. The package was delivered to us in just over five days which is pretty good.
We will have no hesitation in ordering from Florida Music Company again Best wishes from New Zealand
John M. Rees
FirstMac and Techniques Book
Just a quick line to let you know how impressed I am with your service.I placed my order on Feb 1 and received the goods on Feb 9.Not only was the order promptly and efficiently dealt with, yours was the cheapest price on the net.
Ordering from Australia to any overseas business can be hit and miss. Well, Floridamusicco is a definite hit. I will certainly be coming back to you for future purchases and will encourage my friends to do likewise.
I can happily report that the Mi/odi./o arrived this morning, all present and correct thank you.
Your friendly service is greatly appreciated, I found it far easier than a lot of local transactions I've experienced.
I will be back shortly for some more equipment, thanking you all for your
help. sincerely
ian w (Australia)
Thanks.... I'm on my way to order now. Just wanted to let you know that the whole time I've been dealing with floridamusic, I've felt that I have been dealing with a real music store instead of a virtual one....A rarity on the web these days. Keep up the good work,

I am not sure if you are the person who should recieve this email, but I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the technical support I recieved with my problem yesterday.The man who helped me was very knowledgable and friendly and we solved the problem in a matter of minutes! Often times, getting technical support is a complete nightmare but your company made it easy.Thank you,
Jeff C(Hawai)
"A great member of your staff"
Just a short note of appreciation for one of your staff Julie in sales who has helped me track down an errant parcel containing my echo indigo soundcard.She really went above and beyond the call of duty and has done your business proud. I’ll definitely be back in fact I won’t deal with anyone else in the States again. If you’ve got the product you’ll have my business.Thanks very much for running such an efficient ship.Yours truly,
Paul m (Australia)
...A couple of people, who I work with, have their own bands and create and record their own music. One of them knew that I was building another computer and of my little audio hobby, and encouraged me to check out the Audiophile 2496. During my product search I ended up at Florida Music's web site, and like it very much. I've shared it with others. Your prices and product selection are a hit, I hope you get some sales out of it.. Your customer service, Julie, is top notch, I won't hesitate to share that with them too. I hope you get your on-line forums up and running soon, I know I have a lot to learn and questions to boot.
Thanks again,

...WOW you guys are great. Thanks! Sorry for being the problem customer. You've
just won a customer for life.

....Thanks so much for checking up on this and noticing the mistake! Too, thanks for being so forthcoming with information. It's very reassuring.

...Just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your help. I talked to the guys at Sonic Implants. They are sending a new CD. They also put some of the files on an FTP server so I could download them last night. Thanks for
all your help.

...I really appreciate the way you handle your customers. This is the first time I have had any dealings with Florida Music and I am really impressed! The communications from you were great, your attempt to satisfy my need with an alternate solution when the XP was not in stock was an example of great customer care. I will be sure to share my experience with my friends and associates.
Again, Thanks for making this transaction such a good experience.
...Thanks so much for being concerned about the timelines of the delivery of the item I ordered. It is so refreshing to deal with people who are genuinely caring and customer focused. Please forward this to your superior because I want them to know you are
doing a good job !
Jim or Ruth
...Indigo just arrived. Sounds amazing. Thanks very much.
...Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my first order with you. When I am ready to add more toys to my studio, Fl Music Co will be foremost on my list.
Thanks again,
...The new driver worked great I allso changed the PCI slot it had an IRQ conflict but it is acting ok now thanks for the help and info Julie, great costomer service
...That is very, very kew... I greatly appreciate the prompt response... I
am greatly impressed with your customer relations/service.
...The package arrived a little while ago, and it's just what I ordered, so who
could ask for anything more? Thanks for the fine service,

...Thanks for the quick response! I will let PayPal know how pleased I am with
your service....
I an anxious to try the product; it comes highly recomended

...I just wanted to let you know that the keyboard has made it to me safe and sound. I must say I am very very impressed with your service and will definitely pass your name on to any of my friends looking for any products you may sell. You have great prices, great service, and super fast shipping, I couldn't ask for anything more.
It was a pleasure buying from you!

...Thank You!
You have great prices, service and shipping. A pleasure doing business with you.

...Thank you so much, that really is above and beyond service. I really
appreciate your efforts, and am very excited to not have to pay extra for
Duty. I will definitely shop from you again, and recommend you to my boyfriend, he's the musical one!

...I wanted to write this just to be sure and to say thank you for your
kind services. I will recommend you to my Acquaintances for future
Thanx Again,

...Audiophile has got nearly best tests in almost any test I have seen, it is
The sound card for that price category and som 100 USD up too.
I guess the next level is the Protools HD with 24bit and 192 HZ soultion!For me the sound from my G4 sounds really as from the hifi cd-players around
now, and that's prefect! My mp3 songs has never sounded better! thanks for a great product
satisfied costumer

You guys are the best, period. Fast and furious! I will ALWAYS now shop with you...more
ebay cert
Super fast delivery! Great to do business with! A++++++++++ Ebay user...more
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